If you or your child tests positive to COVID-19, please notify the school on 82694622. 

All visitors who are not employed by DfE, please phone/email to make contact with the school.

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Parents as Sport Coaches

Parents as Sport Coaches

At NPS, we have appreciated the many parents who have taken on the responsibility of being a sports coach for an NPS school team. 

Recent changes to the Department for Education  Camps and Excursions policy and procedures have placed more stringent requirements on volunteers who are prepared to be a sports coach.

These new initiatives intend to ensure children to move safely and effectively beyond the site setting, to participate in an array of learning experiences offered within the community.

Requirements for Coaching:

All coaches are required to

1) register to be NPS volunteer: Please email Toni Ballard to activate                   

2) To have a current Working with Children Certificate: please email Toni Ballard. 


3) HTL004 First Aid certificate:   The school will pay the associated costs

 The required course is Provide an Emergency First aid response in an education and care setting. There are several providers. When booking, please ask the provider for an education price and send an invoice to the school, so you are not out of pocket.

Please ask the provider for a school price and to invoice the NPS. 

FACT:  7226 5936                                          

First Aid Pro: 8382 4677                                

St Johns: 1300 785 646 

Safe Place Training: 7324 9908                                

Also, each relevant sporting body has its own coaching accreditation which is a requirement of the new policy.

Netball:  Foundation Coaching Course via MyNetball certificate

 Providers:  Coaching—Obtain via the MyNetball website                 

 We are in the process of identifying relevant providers for other sports such as basketball and soccer.

For further information, please contact Julie Martin.                                 

If you have gained accreditation, please email certificates to Julie Martin  Julie.martin716@schools.sa.edu.au  so they can be kept on file. 






                            Email Julie Martin for details if required