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Welcome to Nailsworth Primary School

I would like to warmly welcome you and your family to Nailsworth Primary School. Our school aims to provide a rich and rewarding education for our children from Foundation to Year 7.

The families who are part of the Nailsworth School primarily live within the area and often walk or ride to school. They value the friendly nature and sense of community that is part of the school.

One of the school's greatest assets is the teachers and support staff who work at the school. They aim to provide all children with a happy, secure and safe learning environment where education is focussed on the development of the whole child that includes aiming for high academic standards.

One feature of a quality school is one where schools and families work together. If you therefore have questions or concerns, I would encourage you to approach one of the school staff. Often the school's front office or your child's teacher is a good place to start.

Principal | Sharron Ward

More About Our School
Nailsworth Primary School is a metropolitan school catering for students from Foundation to Year 7. It is located approximately 5km to the north of the Adelaide CBD. As of February 2017, the school enrolment was approximately 560 students and as a result of capacity issues, is enforcing its zone. We are hopeful that these issues will be eased in 2019, when the buildings co-located on site and leased to the Prospect Council, revert to school use. Of the total school population, approximately 31% of students are from Non English Speaking Backgrounds, with Indian being the major cultural group, 2.6% are Students with Disabilities and 1% Indigenous students.

The learning programme of the school aligns with the Australian Curriculum which includes English, Health & Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages, Mathematics, Science, The Arts and Technology.

The school has specialist Health & Physical Education teachers, a Music teacher and Digital Technology teacher. As well as class based Physical Education lessons, students can also participate in the school's Sports Day, Skipathon and a range of sport clinics, as well as joining school sport teams that practise and play outside of school hours and are coached by school parents. In addition to school based Music and Drama lessons, students can also join either the junior or senior choir or junior and senior band or join the Drama Club. Private Music Providers also provide music lessons within school time or after school. This is a user pay programme. Across the school, students can access a range of IT devices including netbooks and Ipads. Each class can access specialist Digital Technology lessons and the older students can apply to be part of the Robo Cup group.

In 2017, we are also excited to be part of a 3D Printing Project and have purchased two 3D printers to enable us to fully participate in this area of Digital Technologies.

The school also has a focus on languages with all students either learning Greek or Italian, with these languages reflecting the past heritage of the local area. From 2015 the school also offers a First Language Maintenance Programme for Indian families that have arrived in Australia within the last 5 years. These languages are Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi. The school enjoys a high level of parent participation with a Governing Council, Parents and Friends Association and a large number of parent volunteers who support student learning programmes.