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Enrolments at Nailsworth Primary School

Nailsworth Primary School is a zoned school and has limited enrolment space and enforces its zone. Map of School Zone.

As a result of enrolment demand, another class has been added to commence the 2018 school year. This takes the total classes from 21 in 2017 to 22 in 2018.

In 2018, the school can only take enrolments to fill these 22 classes. Therefore if you are shifting into the zone during 2018, it is important to check if there is an enrolment space for your child and not assume enrolment is automatic.

To register an interest in enrolling in 2018, please complete a 2018 Enrolment Request Form.

If you are shifting into the school zone and we do not have an enrolment spot, we will maintain your information on file and inform you if a space becomes available during 2018.

2019 Enrolments

Parents looking to enroll their child/ren at Nailsworth Primary School are asked to note the following processes and timelines.

Step 1: Before July 2018
Parents are invited to submit an 2019 Enrolment Request Form that is available on the school's website or from the school's office or by emailing the school dl.0305_info@schools.sa.edu.au.

Step 2: From July 1st 2018
From the 1st of July, the school will commence the process of confirming enrolments. The first step in this process is that families living within the zone will receive information about the documentation that is required to progress the enrolment. Subject to enrolment space, verification of residential address, a child?s date of birth and where applicable visa details, a formal offer of enrolment will be made. To accept offer of enrolment, parents are asked to complete the DECD enrolment form and return it to school ASAP.

Transition Visits for students moving from preschool to school.
Friday 23rd November 2018
9am to 10:30am
Student Transition Visit no.1 and Parent Meeting for 2018 Foundation/ Reception students.

Friday 30th November 2018
9am -12noon
Student transition visit number 2 for 2018 Foundation/ Reception students.

Friday 7th December 2018
9am -12noon
Student transition visit number 3 for 2018 Foundation/ Reception students

Tuesday 11th December 2018
9am -3pm
Student transition visit for new students' years 1 to 7 who will be starting at NPS in 2019.

NPS Documentation required for Enrolment
NPS Enrolment Policy