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Enrolments at Nailsworth Primary School

Nailsworth Primary School is a zoned school with limited enrolment spaces. It therefore enforces its school zone. Map of School Zone.

2020 Enrolments
Parents looking to enroll their child/ren to commence the 2020 school year either as a reception student or in other year levels are asked to note the following processes.

Step 1: Enrolment Request
Parents are invited to submit a 2020 Enrolment Request Form that is available here or from the school's office or by emailing the school dl.0305_info@schools.sa.edu.au.

Step 2: Verification of Residential Address
The school is part of the Felixstow 1 Portfolio that has consistent, enrolment procedures across all sites. This agreement encompasses the neighboring zoned schools of North Adelaide Primary, Prospect Primary School, Prospect North Primary School and Walkerville Primary School. As a cooperative we undertake a process where we offer enrolments simultaneously.
In the week beginning; Monday 5th August, 2019 a letter will be sent, to families who are living in within the zone and have expressed an interest in enrolment. This letter will ask them to provide verification of their eligibility to enroll by Friday 23rd August.

The following verification is required;

  • The child's birth certificate or passport
  • For home owners a residential sale agreement and a power bill relevant to the property
  • If renting, a rental agreement that covers the all of the first year that the child will be at school and a power bill relevant to the property
  • For migrant families a copy of the families visa.
Step 3: Verification by Friday 23rd August, 2019
Completed expressions of interest, and enrolment verification needs to be received by Friday 23rd August.

Step 4: Completion of Enrolment Form
An offer of enrolment and transition information, will be sent to verified families on Friday 6th September 2019. It is requested that the enrolment form is returned to school ASAP after this date so that enrolment can be finalised.

Step 5: Transition Visits
To assist students to become familiar with the school there is a transition programme, that is held prior to the end of the 2019 school year.

For older students in year 1 to 7 this is an information night and an opportunity to spend the day at school. This will be on Tuesday 3rd December.

For students moving from preschool to school.
Three student transition visits are held;

  1. Student Transition Visit no.1 Friday 22nd November 2019, 9am to 11am and Parent Meeting for 2020 Foundation/ Reception students.
  2. Student transition visit number 2 Thursday 28th November 2019 9am -12noon (please note the change of date)
  3. Friday 6th December 2019 9am -12noon